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water you can feel good about drinking

Our Water

Ninety-seven percent of the Earth’s water is ocean water, and there’s plenty of it. 

Ocean sourced water gives you a balance of naturally occurring minerals – Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium – and electrolytes, no additives needed. That’s a big health benefit.

Our signature water, SolarRain® Ocean, gives you a clean, healthy, great-tasting premium drinking water that is environmentally friendly. 

Our Bottle

We wanted a symbol of quality as well as a shape that would be environmentally friendly. 

By reducing volume in shipping, the square shape uses less packing material and less space when transported, thus reducing CO2 emissions or the carbon footprint--In a nutshell, we’re space efficient! 

We also chose PET1 for the bottle material because it uses fewer material and energy resources in its manufacture and transport than glass, is extremely stable, non-reactive, and is impact resistant. 


Challenges to our planet’s natural ability to care for itself are ever-present. 

As our urban centers grow, demand for water continues to rise at a time when water resources are becoming less certain. High energy use increases reliance on power plants which are all too often generated with coal. 

SolarRain® is helping you make the world a better place by giving you a water you can feel good about drinking. SolarRain® Ocean reduces demand on fresh water resources and conserves energy.

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get inspired to drink more water

Water is life. Don't let's do our best not to waste it.

Max K.

If No Water. There's No Life. No Blue. There's No Green.

Sylvia E.

Drink water for a healthy change. Your body will thank you.

William T.