Which water is best?

Solar Rain®

  • Choose a Solar Rain water for a more environmentally friendly bottled water
  • Solar Rain® uses renewable energy
  • Solar Rain uses highly efficient, evacuated solar tube technology to provide over 80% of our energy
  • Solar Rain® Ocean uses local water (no cross-country transportation), and it’s purified with vapor distillation by using an efficient type of solar thermal energy as its energy source
  • Vote with your food dollars and support companies using renewable energy

About our bottle’s design – Going square is good!

We wanted a symbol of quality as well as a shape that would be environmentally friendly. By reducing volume in shipping, the square shape uses less packing material and less space when transported, thus reducing CO2 emissions or the carbon footprint. In a nutshell, we’re space efficient! We also chose PET1 for the bottle material because it uses fewer material and energy resources in its manufacture and transport than glass, is extremely stable, non-reactive, and is impact resistant. Plant or bio-bottles use corn, a crop that not only competes with the food supply, but is most often GMO and one whose growth requires large amount of pesticides which runoff into waterways and pollute drinking water. Because we at SolarRain® are committed to sustainable practices, we continue to look at new, environmentally conscious materials and processes as they become available.

Re-think, Re-purpose, and Recycle!

We at SolarRain are absolutely committed to recycling; however, sadly enough, barely 25% of recyclable goods are actually recovered and make it through the standard recycling stream, leaving 75% as landfill or litter. To curb the effects of those that do end up in landfills, our PET1 bottles have an organic additive that enables the bottles to biodegrade within landfill environments per ASTM D5511, taking an average of 9 months to 5 years to complete the process. This doesn’t excuse you from recycling, however. Give that single-use container another life by recycling it into carpet, car parts, fabrics, and fiberfill for products like pillows and jackets New products are being developed all the time.

THE SOLAR RAIN company decree

Demonstrating Respect

At Solar Rain, we believe that the choices we make effect our health, our world and our children’s future. As a provider of premium drinking water, Solar Rain offers an eco-friendly alternative in the current marketplace. Built on sustainable principles, we promote the respect of the human right to clean water through conservation and efficient use of nature’s resources. By purifying our water and selling only locally, we support and invest in our local community as well as conserve local resources and reduce the local environmental impact. Because we believe in living more thoughtfully, we work to educate and empower our local community to lead a more informed, healthier and sustainable lifestyle… one step at a time.

Yes We Can

We believe that “local” is important.... because support of local business helps the local economy, which in turn supports local education and services. In addition, keeping it local reduces the carbon footprint of long-distance shipping. Use your buying power to empower and strengthen our local community.  As consumers demand cleaner water and cleaner energy, the paradigm will start to shift.... to making less toxic and more natural products. Consumers have a responsibility to educate themselves on the effects of what they buy and to care. We do and we stand behind our water, doing what we can to search out a better way to consider the needs of the market and our world.

water for healthy people and a happy planet



About 96.5% of the Earth's water is stored in the global oceans. Approximately 1.7% is stored in the polar icecaps, glaciers, and permanent snow, and another 1.7% is stored in groundwater, lakes, rivers, streams, and soil.

Rob Davis


Lake Mead loses almost 900,000 acre-feet a year to evaporation. That's enough for 1.8 million homes. It's two times more than what San Diego's urban users consumed in 2010.

Patricia Mulroy

Water Research Foundation

People need a “fundamental, cultural attitude change about water supply in the Southwest.”

“It’s not abundant, it’s not reliable, it’s not going to always be there.” – Patricia Mulroy,  
Water Research Foundation.

Solar Rain® uses renewable energy

Energy generated by fossil fuels is becoming an issue of greater concern. That’s why SolarRain® uses solar-generated thermal energy in its evaporative process. Traditional desalination plants use reverse osmosis, an energy intensive and inefficient process.