Solar Rain by the Case (12 - 1L Bottles)

Solar Rain by the Case (12 - 1L Bottles)

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Solar Rain® is a premium drinking water, locally sourced and produced with care in our own back yard of San Diego!

Many bottled waters refer to the natural cycle in one way or another, but we actually employ its principles.  SolarRain® emulates the hydrologic cycle. The process of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, water’s return to the ocean and back to evaporation is nature’s way of filtering out impurities and replenishing the water supply.

We begin with water from local sources. The water first passes through sand filters similar to the natural process of ground water filtering through sediment layers.  It then goes through screen filters on its way to the evaporation tank where it is heated and evaporated using solar thermal energy at temperatures lower than water’s boiling point. The moist air rises as a “cloud” and condenses into purified “rain” in the condensing tank. To insure SolarRain’s purity, the water goes through a carbon filter, 2 sub-micron filters, and a UV filter. As a final step, the water is ozonated before being bottled into pure, great-tasting premium drinking water.

• trace pharmaceuticals free

• hormone free

• chlorine free

• MTBE free

• fluoride free

• bisphenol A free

• chromium 6 free

 Free of the Bad Stuff ~ Full of the Good Stuff

What’s in it & When was it made?

Many bottled water companies are not transparent when it comes to revealing their sources or telling you what’s in their water.

If it weren’t for those date codes with a 2-year window, you wouldn’t know when it was made.

SolarRain® believes you have a right to know what you’re drinking. Our water is harvested locally, vaporized and purified locally, then sold throughout San Diego County. Our date code will tell you that it was made fresh. In fact, enter the date code to the right, and you will discover when it was made and what is actually in it. We have each batch independently tested, then post the results. You will find SolarRain® contains no chemicals, hormones, or medical prescription waste.